5 Questions About the Life of a Somali Pirate

Abdinashir Mohamed Guled conducts a telephone interview from Mogadishu with pirate Abdi Assan in the town of Haradheere, a piracy stronghold.

What did it feel like the first time you boarded a ship?

"It was a sense of smelling big money for the first time when I boarded my first ship as one of the hijackers."

How big is your family?

"I have three wives and eight children now."

What does your family think about what you do?

"Two of my wives are very disappointed with my job, one demanded a divorce several times, she accused me of getting money illegally, but the other one supports me because she loves me with all the money I have received since I married her few months ago."

Are there other jobs you would do besides pirating?

"I'm satisfied with my current job, but I hope to become a businessman soon and leave this job then."

How has being a pirate changed over the past year?

"My friends have progressed recently, they are able to hijack ships from distant continents like Asia."

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