5 Questions for a Security Guard in Mogadishu

Abdinasir Mohamed Guled spends five minutes asking a security guard in Mogadishu five questions.

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Abdullahi Hassan and I am from the central Galgaduud region of Somalia.

How did you get this job?

I got this job because I am experienced in the security skills that are necessary for the protection of the person or company I'm working for.

What is the biggest problem you face every day?

The biggest problem we face is from hand grenades hurled by unidentified men. Those cannot be prevented except to block out a large area because the attackers cannot hurl the bombs directly from the streets, but they still do from nearby alleys or houses where you cannot quickly see where the bombs have exactly been thrown from.

How has being a security guard changed in the past year?

The job opportunities for security guards have been plentiful in the past year because of the violence and attacks. Government officials, aid agencies, and even ordinary people have security guards because of threats posed by Al-Shabaab and their insane followers.

If you could talk to a security guard in New York what would you ask him?

If I could speak to a security guard in New York I would ask him what your main concerns are with providing security since your job is supported by peace and good intelligence? Are you paid well for your job? Did you get training before you began your job? Are there any preconditions that employers require of new recruits before offering them jobs? Do you think you can work in a country where human life is treated just like a discarded cigarette butt? Have you ever survived a bomb attack? Would you prefer a different job?



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