Somali President Appoints New Prime Minister

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Is perceived as an outsider to Somalia's politics
New prime minister earned a master's in New York

MOGADISHU--Somalia's president appointed a new prime minister after the resignation of Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke last month.

"After a challenging deliberation and assessing the difficult situation of the country I am extremely happy to appoint Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed as the prime minster of Somalia," Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, the country's president, said as he sat beside the new prime minister in a press conference held in the presidential palace.

Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, a former U.S. embassy staff member in Somalia who also worked for the U.S. Department of Transportation, was appointed to the position and has pledged to form a new cabinet next week.

"Thank you Mr. President for appointing me the Prime Minster of Somalia, I shall form an effective cabinet soon to serve the country," the new premier said.

Mr. Mohamed holds an M.A. and graduated from the Buffalo University in the United States in 1993. He is expected to improve the functioning of the weak Somali government.

Mohamed is perceived as a clean-living man who is an outsider from Somalia's politics.

The horn of Africa nation has been without a central government since 1991 when clan militias and warlords overthrew the dictatorial regime of Siad Barre plunging the nation into 20 years of anarchy and violence.


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