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Büşra Atayeter

Büşra Atayeter, 15, grew up in Diyarbakir and hopes to become a psychiatrist after finishing her education. This was Büşra's first time experimenting with multimedia journalism, though she's an avid photographer and takes a camera with her wherever she goes. Büşra is fascinated by the fact that different people can interpret a work of multimedia journalism in completely different ways. She hopes to travel to New York City and the Vatican in the future, and improve herself through seeing more of the world.

Recent Reports

A Visit to the Büfe in Diyarbakir, Turkey

By Büşra Atayeter on Nov 29, 2010 | 1 Comment

The Tiziano Project Reporter Büşra Atayeter gives a closer look at one of the many büfes in Diyarbakir that serve cold drinks, töst, and börek, and are popular gathering places for men. Please click on a photo above to open...

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