5 Questions for the Manager of the Kurdistan Eye Center

Tiziano Reporter, Sahar Hashim, asks the manager of the Kurdistan Center for Eyes, Muhammed Barakat, five questions about what he does.

Who helped you to enter on this field?

In the beginning my dream was to become a pilot. But my life conditions gave me the chance to take this job instead and I used it. No one helped me to enter this field of managing hospitals and medical centers.

When did you start your real job?

At age 13, I managed one of my father's shops, but my job in the field of hospitals started after my graduation in 1972.

Why did you choose this type of job?

This job was my first real opportunity that I faced at the beginning of my life and it offered me much success.

Where was your first job?

My first job was in Jordan with a company that built two projects: one was a private hospital and the other was a medical factory that recycled used needles.

What you feel about your job?

My job, put simply, is to see the whole picture of the project that I work on. And the main goal for this project is to offer the best care to the patient and manage the workers properly to make this project a success because this job is really complex. We have to see the picture clearly to make everything work together perfectly.


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